Teaching Outside The Box

Teaching Outside The Box

Anyone that has been teaching children for very long, regardless if they are kindergartners or high schoolers, knows that the hardest part is keeping their attention and making sure you are doing everything you can to help them learn.

It’s not easy. You are facing an uphill battle with distractions like cell phones, the Internet, tablet computers and hormones. Luckily, there is a resource out there to help teachers get their student’s heads back into the game. “Teaching Outside the Box: How To Grab Your Students By Their Brains” is a resource that all teacher should have at their disposal.

Written by LouAnne Johnson, who life was turned into the movie “Dangerous Minds” gives you the tools to keep their interest from beginning to end. It’s a handbook designed to lift morale in the classroom, creating a proper discipline and motivating your students to be the best they can.

The book was recently updated to help with areas you may not have even thought of such as class room arrangement, avoiding the cycle of misbehavior and turning your school from a babysitter into a place where students can learn and teachers can teach.

When you work in a negative work environment, it can have an impact on everything. This books gives you the tools to turn that negative atmosphere into a place where children can feel good about themselves. That doesn’t mean being lax on discipline, but choosing the proper way to discipline the students.

There isn’t an area of teaching this book doesn’t touch on, so grab it today.