Two New Learning Tools

Two New Learning Tools

Teach Yourself with “You Should Watch” and “No Excuse List”

Maybe you’re hoping to educate yourself further; many of us are self-described life learners! Maybe you’re looking for a way to teach your child from home (or for a way for your child to teach him or herself). Perhaps you just want something really cool to read or watch every day online. I have two awesome tools to help you do any and all of these things to share with you: the You Should Watch website and the No Excuse List.

Both of these resources were recently shared on one of my homeschooling email lists and I am still visiting them daily, several days later. I’ve even watched a couple of videos more than once! They are entertaining and educating, and you could visit both every day and never be finished browsing through them.

Unplug the TV, or Instead of TV, You Should Watch… is a really cool website where you can visit and get a new video every day about just about any subject material. Today’s video, for example, is a partly animated, mostly narrated (in an entertaining manner) video about The Mongols. These videos, around 10 minutes each, provide a fascinating history that you might have never heard about. The other day, the daily video was about King Masa Musa, whom I had never even heard of. There is so much history—so much of the world—that is simply not covered in our typical classrooms that we can learn so much from. And if you’ve already watched the video, or you just want to see another one, you can click the link below the daily video to see something else.

The No Excuse List was created by someone who thought that if you have access to the Internet, there’s no excuse for you to not learn what you want to learn about. This simple page is a listing of dozens of places online where you can educate yourself by subject. For example, in addition to basic academics, there’s music, computer programming, eBooks, languages, how-to websites, and more! You could find nearly anything and everything you need to learn about whatever you want at this website.

I have added both of these sites to my bookmarks bar and suggest that anyone who needs help navigating the self-education world of the internet do the same. They’re such rich resources that you can revisit time and time again to learn something different every day.