A night at your local store

A night at your local store

This is a learning experience for all!

I know I’m always going on about how every experience in life is a learning experience—but, well, it’s the truth! We learn so much in our everyday lives that we just take for granted. Spend a couple of hours in your local store one evening with your kids and I tell you, they will learn so much.

We spent a few hours doing just that at our local Target last night (all we bought were a couple of snacks at the café and some stickers; the rest of the time was just idly browsing!) and here’s a little bit of what we learned…

Different textures on dog beds, toys, and treats fed her curiosity about what animals do and don’t like. Why did some toys squeak while others did not? Perhaps smaller dogs would be startled, while larger ones enjoyed the sounds—or would it be vice versa? We spent quite a bit of time speculating about this, as well as browsing the dog care products and talking about everything that goes into caring for a dog, from vaccinations to training and potty care.

Dragging her through the beauty aisle started to be a chore until we found a pumice stone, which sparked a conversation about igneous rock and lava. She swore up and down that the stone was still a little hot, then made up an entire story surrounding it, where it came from, and what we had to do with it. She was very disappointed when we didn’t purchase it, but when I told her it was that or the stickers, the stickers won out.

Looking through the laundry detergents, we talked about how much they cost versus making your own, how the ones that were supposed to be easy on the earth were still heavily packaged—was that still good for the earth? This same discussion came up over a few items in the store, particularly the plastic bags people used.

Using our discount card was a fun new experience for her, and she loved to pay the cashier—though she was bummed that the change was given back to me rather than her, considering that she was the one who paid!

There were dozens of other things we learned at the store—plus some fun things we did, like trying on hats—and I heartily recommend this pretty much free activity to do if you’re looking for something fun in rainy or hot weather with your kiddo.